Please, close the doors of your bedroom the next night you are sleeping,I often walk  through the dead halls ,with the potraits glaring at me from the walls,and the cold, cold floor thawing my feetand the pillars standing on my way,What are you all trying to stop?I trip , I trip twice on the corners […]

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That I laugh in colours,
So I pluck those colours,
and pack them in pills-
red pills, blue pills, green pills
And slide them towards you.

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Buried under the pages of times
We still echo the rhetoric rhymes.
We took birth under the shady Oak tree
And multiplied whenever our creator was free.

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You are art

To look into someone’s eyes and tell them that they are art, is in itself an art that few of us master. To make someone see the colours blooming inside them rather than drawing black and white sketches of their flaws, is like creating a benevolent masterpiece. To remind your loved ones that their love […]

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Its intriguing how we all desire to be ‘something’, and some of us want to be ‘everything’, yet none of us is contended with the idea of ‘nothing’. . . We want to cross the seven seas; yet we wont waste time frolicking in its joyful shore and breathing the salty air. . . We […]

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